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1 Piece Women's Seamless Laser Cut Flexible Thong Panties, which do not leave marks. Thanks to its 1 mm thin and laser cut seamless structure, it does not leave marks on your trousers, daily wear and evening clothes. You can use it with peace of mind in the office, night invitation, travel, journey and tight clothes. Thanks to its light and flexible structure, it hugs your body completely, gives the feeling that you are not wearing underwear, does not leave any traces of underwear, and will allow you to move comfortably all day long. Thanks to its elastic structure, it does not curl. It keeps your skin dry at all times with its breathable texture. Your orders will be delivered to you in a special hygienic bag. Use on healthy days Fabric Type: 80% Cotton 20% lycra elastane Package content 1 Seamless Laser Cut Panties. Due to hygienic conditions, returns cannot be accepted.

Laser Cut Non-Marking Women's Thong Panties

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